How to report bugs

  • Please use the search function to ensure that the bug isn't already known.
  • Register as a new member, your email will need to be confirmed.
  • Report the issue with the most information you can provide
  • Please provide your save data for bug reports (see below).

Please attach save files and/or crash reports

  • For bug reports that depend on specific conditions, please attach your save file. Saves are located in "C:\Users<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\HeliumRain\Saved\SaveGames". Please attach the .JSON.GZ file for your save - not a .JSON file if there is one, as this is a legacy file from an older version.
  • For crash reports, please attach the crash dump. Crash dumps are located in "C:\Users<your-user-name>\AppData\Local\HeliumRain\Saved\Crashes". You will find a directory named UE4CC-Windows-XXXXXX. Please attach UE4Minidump.dmp, or Diagnostics.txt on Linux. If you have multiple directories, you can zip all of them and provide us that.
  • On Linux, the files will be located in "~/.config/Epic/HeliumRain/Saved/SaveGames" and "~/.config/Epic/HeliumRain/Saved/Crashes".

Thank your for your patience following these steps ! They make the difference between fixing and not fixing a bug.

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