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Various problems/bugs/issues with complex

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1) We need to be able to set if complex should buy/sell/do both for particular resources. I build the steel production comples which had 2k steel and 10k storage space - the AI decide it's great idea to sell 8k steel to me (which I didn't need, but it drained my wallet).

2) I cannot upgrade my Shipyards. However NPC shipyards in my game are upgraded (see attached save file) and comes with handy 20k storages and well as slightly faster production times - I want this too on my shipyards!

3) Sometimes my complex shipyard jam and do not produce anything (full resources, empty queue) it put ordered ship in queue with comment "will start shortly", but it don't start the production untill I order something else (then ship in queue will be put to empty queue and production will start).

Stand-alone Shipyard works fine (there is no jams in production queues) - this means this bug is only with Shipyards put in complex.

4) Sometimes I have strange behaviour with complex resources beign put in additional slot, despite that their primary slot still has free space (See CH4 below):

5) I'm not 100% sure, but it seem that above problem also makes AI sell me the resources even if I turn off the trade for these resources.
I did some further testing and the game almost bankrupt me because of resource bought without my permission (went from 3mil Cr reserve to 100k Cr in literally 3 transactions).

It seems that I can switch of the trading with NPC, but then game randomly decide to place any resource in complex "empty" slot even if 'normal" slot isn't full and has "NPC trade" ticked off.

Also any complex statin upgrade will reset "empty resource" slot back to "trade able" which also makes that when re resoure "pop up" there there will be a 10k resources deal sold to that slot almost immediately (draining my cash reserve).

IMO this is game breaking bug and I'd suggest to remove "empty resource" slots from complexses - only add new serource slot when new stations are added.

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I've split this issue into separate bugs to make this easier to track.


As to the first issue, before it gets a bug report, I'd like to clarify whether the empty slot had "Trade" enabled.

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