Bug #1128

Complex slots should have better trade options

Added by Gwennaƫl Arbona 17 days ago.

Status:NewStart date:12/31/2017
Priority:NormalDue date:
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Target version:Economy update


"We need to be able to set if complex should buy/sell/do both for particular resources. I build the steel production comples which had 2k steel and 10k storage space - the AI decide it's great idea to sell 8k steel to me (which I didn't need, but it drained my wallet)."

"In starting sector First Light I have two omplex which produce steel (output). However in the same comlex I also have station which consume steel (input). This combination change steel to (trade) which mean AI will both try to buy steel from my and sell steel to me (which drain my wallet and is unnecesary and I have net positive steel production).

This means that for resoures with (trade) player need to be able to define if he want allow NPC to buy/sell/do both/ do none for each complex resource.
Otherwise I end up with huge budget problems like in point 4 and 5."

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