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Inflation / money creation / banking

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Just like in real world, you could make money creation mechanism based on commercial banking. In simple words, when you take a loan 1000 and have to pay back 1100, 100 are money created out of nothing and are added to the market either as interest from deposit, or are used to give another loan. In the game, it could work either as a feature where player or AI can take a loan or invest money for % from deposit/obligations(where you have to freeze money in bank for for example 1, 3 months), or as a hidden mechanism where population generate money and inflation. IRL inflation is regualted usually by Central Banks, so you could make algorithm to regulate infaltion by interest rates of loans and deposits (when infaltion goes to high like +5%, interest rate of deposits and loans grow and vice versa). As a hidden mechanism, population would just create less money and spend less for electronics and other premium stuff when intrest rates go high (expensive loans and good opportunities to save money), and spend more when interest go low.
Either way, you shuld really consider enabling population to create money other than just birth +100, die -100. IRL low inflation is healthy for market, and would probably help in-game economy from going in to dead end.


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