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Brachistrone Trajectories for Traveling Fleets

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The map mode could use some additional sprucing up done to it and adding theoretical trajectories is a great way to do this and give it some life.

This makes it feel like your fleets are going A to B in an indirect way, and give an idea of what travel looks like. Bonus points if there were a way to animate the travel along the trajectory. This would give a graphical representation of what travel looks like.

Triple Double Bonus if the time would move smoothly instead of in steps, and the fleets traveling along the brachistrone trajectories would speed up/slow down correctly.

Here's a couple examples, one vanilla and one with a CCTV esque view (which looks more screen-y).
I claim no rights to these, feel free to use them as you wish. Additionally I've included my design files I used to create these. Same story, they're as good as yours if you want them.

Practically speaking, one would either need to plot out all of the curves ahead of time, which is possible given the limited number of sectors, or you'd need a way to programmatically define the curves. Benefits of the programmatic approach is that when you add new sectors it would be more or less plug and play and could be more realistic brachistrone trajectories as opposed to what I've done with simple parabolic trajectories.

Brachistrone.zip - Sources (10.7 MB) Jacob Triffo, 10/16/2018 08:45 AM


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That was actually part of the plan, with some of the code in the map supporting parts of it. But we couldn't get it to work in a way that would still be readable in end-game with all known sectors.

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