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Stats export

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Hey :) Will it be possible to export in a simple csv file (for exemple, anything else wich can be parsed will it great too) some statistics ?

In a first time, I would appreciate to have for each day -> my credits :)

And why not have an history of every transaction made by trades routes ?

Why this feature ? I think it's not very difficult for you to build this, and it will allow us (me ?) to develop some small utils to display trends of my credits, display & view wich are the trades routes which are working... or not. I hope it'll be available in the final game, but it will need some hard work for you to add this in the game :) And very helpfull for us :)

Thanks :)


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This is a neat idea, but it's not that easy to implement.

One of the major issues is that we would need to store a lot of data, making save files extremely large quickly. That data would also become irrelevant when a patch changes a price or a behaviour in the economy.

We do plan on adding more information to the UI.

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I'm not so sure isn't easy to implements.

I work a log with combat log from WoW, making parser and it's seem to be very very simple to have this :

  • The WoW combat are juste file text with very simple structure. Here an extract for example :

[22:02:59.157] Mushou Vampiric Embrace Chokol +0 (O: 52)
[22:02:59.157] Mushou Improved Devouring Plague Thane Korth'azz 1736 (R: 433)
[22:02:59.157] Mushou Improved Devouring Plague Mushou +0 (O: 487)
[22:02:59.157] Komlia casts Swipe (Bear)
[22:02:59.157] Komlia gains 691 mana from Komlia's Improved Leader of the Pack
[22:02:59.157] Komlia Improved Leader of the Pack Komlia +1702
[22:02:59.157] Komlia gains 5 rage from Komlia's Primal Fury
[22:02:59.157] Komlia Swipe (Bear) Sir Zeliek 1020
[22:02:59.157] Komlia casts Enrage
[22:02:59.157] Komlia gains 20 rage from Komlia's Enrage

It would be simple to generate simple event log for many event in game, like money change, ressource sell, etc.

  • The save game will not be so big. It will be one log by save game. For example, for 10 years of game, with 500 lines per day and 100 characters per line will do 174 MB of log.
    This is far to be big for moderne pc. In WoW, combat log have hundred of event per second (see the timestamps of the example) and it is not a problem to manage. In helium rain the event density is far lower than in wow combat log.

  • This could be optional.

  • This could be very very useful to debug purpose. Generate log in console is slot comparer to write log file and it can be available with release version.

  • The data format and compatibility is not very important and hard as it si simple text log. Is not important, if some value change, these logs are usefull to study the past of your company.

So, i'm don't say it's a very high priority task, but i would keep open as useful and easy to implement feature.

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We actually have this now

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