Feature #567

Make ship fly in fighter squadron

Added by Frédéric Bertolus over 2 years ago.

Status:NewStart date:11/13/2016
Priority:NormalDue date:
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  • Give an experience level to each pilot at creation
  • At the activation of a sector, each pilot pick randomly between: be independent, or find a leader
  • if independent, no change with current behavior
  • if find a leader, pick a random ship with the same of more experience : it is the leader
  • the ship follow the leader with an offset of 50 m
  • the ship will use the target of the leader but keep the formation to its movement
  • if the leader ship is disarmed, stranded or uncontrollable, the formation is broken, it will take the old leader's leader, or the ship with the most experience in a radius of 300 m. or become independant
  • if a ship target the leader ship, this ship become the target and the ships can break the formation (except if the same target as the leader) to go defend its leader

OR : use real formation finger-four

bonus : increase experience if hit a ship, increase more if kill a ship

  • Could be unlock with a technology
  • could be very nice to see visually

Need to see if can be improved :

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