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09:02 AM HELIUM RAIN Task #1082 (New): Optimize economy simulation


09:11 PM HELIUM RAIN Task #1081 (New): Add very small guidance on harpoons


12:46 PM HELIUM RAIN Bug #1080 (New): Beta doesn't work on AMD radeonsi
Thread :
Explanation : htt...


07:21 PM HELIUM RAIN Feature #1035 (In Progress): Add station complexes
07:04 PM HELIUM RAIN Bug #1079 (Closed): crash
Merci pour ce rapport. Le bug a été identifié et sera corrigé dans le prochain patch.
06:46 PM HELIUM RAIN Bug #1078 (Waiting feedback): Game Crash
Hi Benjamin,
Did you have a game crash ? If you, so could yo provide the crash report as outlined on the home page...


07:36 PM HELIUM RAIN Bug #1077: Commodity prices do not always appear when selected from system prices menu
Hi ! The AppData folder is a hidden one. You can type the address directly in your explorer location bar.


09:27 PM HELIUM RAIN Bug #1076 (New): Integer overflow on menu


01:40 PM HELIUM RAIN Feature #1075 (New): Skirmish mode
01:37 PM HELIUM RAIN Feature #1074 (New): Add price selection on stations
* Add a way to tweak the buying and selling prices on stations
* Remove the resource prices, sector prices menus

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